Gentle Flow Yoga Class

Join us for Yin Yoga with Nadine Shaw-Landesvatter

Reset your mind and body at our monthly online yoga classes for residents!


  September 8th, 2022

  6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Join us online for an evening of gentle yoga flow and Yin Yoga on Thursday, September 8. We’re excited to have Nadine Shaw-Landesvatte from TendWell Collective to guide you through a beautiful practice open to all experience levels.

**pre-registration is required

Suggested Props and Alternatives:
– Bolster (large firm couch or bed pillow)
– Yoga blanket (blanket, beach towel, or throw blanket)
– Yoga blocks (pillow, shoe boxes, or thick books)
– Yoga strap (bathrobe tie, tie, towel, scarf, or belt)

About TendWell Collective:
TendWell Collective envisions a world where everyone has the resources, access, community, and agency needed to tend to their own wellness.

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